About Us

About Us

Hello to all film buffs and collectors of hard to find movies everywhere.  Wide World Movies was made just for you, so that you can have access to rare and hard to find DVDs of all genres including Horror, Drama, Science Fiction, Family, Romance and even Erotica. At Wide World Movies we do not believe in censorship of any kind and offer you the most rare and uncut DVD’s that we can find. We at Wide World Movies are here to help you receive film and television titles from all over the world regardless of the rarity of film. We specialize in hard to find films and have titles across most movie genres!


DVD Product and Quality

Because of the rarity of some of these titles the quality will vary from one to another. Some of these titles are from master prints and are excellent quality, but others are from VHS tapes and the quality will not be as good. Please understand this because of the rarity and they are the only known sources available. All titles come on a -R DVD disc and will be shipped in a thin clear plastic DVD case. Sorry, no artwork will be provided.

Refund Policy

If you receive a defective disc, please e-mail us and we will ship out another DVD to you asap and free of charge. 


No refunds will be given and no exchanges for alternate titles. You will be shipped the same title.